Seen any good movies lately?

I thought there was already a thread like this but couldn’t find it.

Just saw Manchester by the Sea (Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams). I think I liked it. Similar in tone to The Sweet Hereafter and Mystic River. Have not seen anything (in a theatre) in a while. Anyone see (and like) The Accountant? Girl on the Train? American Pastoral? Any other good ones?

I rarely go to movies in theaters but occasionally check out DVDs from the library. Here are a few things I’ve seen lately that I liked a lot: “Tell No One” (in French with English subtitles; based on a book by Harlan Coben; suspense, from 2006 or so); “Truth” (2015, with Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett).

I thought “The Accountant” was good, but not excellent. I can’t WAIT to see “Arrival.” It sounds fantastic.

I’m anxious to see “Loving.” Everything I’ve heard about it has been good.

If you like Humphrey Bogart movies, I quite enjoyed Dark Passage. Definitely an under the radar movie, but I was glued to every scene unlike any movie I have seen recently…

Queen of Katwe. Very good. Based on true story. Strong female roles. Underdog sports story! Lupita Nyong’o and David Oyelowo.

As we were walking out of theater, those viewing “Arrival” were departing. At best, we got luke warm comments about it…dang.

We liked “Doctor Strange.” It was great special effects and escapism. Stay for the entire credits if you want to see the 2 extra short clips embedded in them.

Also, A Man called Ove. Swedish, with subtitles. Just as charming as the book; smiles and tears. Very good.

LOVED A Man Called Ove. Would see it again with H (he was out of town when I saw it).

You guys may have all seen this when it was actually released, as judging by my unfamiliarity with all but two of the titles you have shared suggests you may pounce close to release dates. But…

I enjoyed watching the a quiet film called “5 to 7” about half a year ago. The story was a highly romantic one, which was probably designed to leave the viewer as wistful as each of the main characters, a young writer seeking his way, and a beautiful, alluring young married woman.

rosered55 – I loved Tell No One! I also love all Harlan Coben’s novels. Another movie you might like is the Ghost Writer (Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan). Intelligent thriller. And Michael Clayton if you haven’t seen it.

“5 to 7” sounds really interesting W2E.

I want to check out the other ones people mentioned. Saw previews for Paterson and I, Daniel Blake – both looked good. New Almodovar movie (Julieta) not so much.

I loved “Arrival” - but be warned, it’s a quiet, thoughtful movie. I think a lot of people expected an action-packed, shoot’em up alien invasion movie, and it is definitely not that.

It made my daughter cry at the end.

The Ghost Writer is a terrific movie. I’ve watched it several times.

Rules Don’t Apply, the new Warren Beatty movie, is very good. The plot was a little weak but it really transports you back in time.

Saw Arrival yesterday. It was very good.

Netflix DVD users, check out “My One and Only,” with Renee Zellweger. A thoughtful, perceptive and often quite funny movie loosely based on the recollections of George Hamilton (the tanned actor.)

Another double thumbs-up for “A Man Called Ove”. Charming, funny, and touching—like the first 5 minutes of “Up”.

'captain fantastic ’ was very thought - provoking. Radical left, survivalist father lives with kids deep in the Pacific Northwest forests. They have to leave to go to a funeral in Colorado and the younger kids encounter our civilization for the first time.
Is the father a creep or is he doing well by his children? What do you teach your children and why? If you’re well-intentioned do things turn out alright? Is compromise impossible when raising them?

I enjoyed Arrival. As mentioned earlier, it’s more of a thoughtful movie. I wouldn’t say it was incredible, but it was enjoyable and thought-provoking.

Yesterday took my S and his gf to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them for S’s 23rd birthday. Brought back memories of seeing Harry Potter movies over the years for his birthday (a lot have come out this time of year). Again, I enjoyed it. Nice period piece and I found it entertaining.

^ True, I really liked Fantastic Beasts ! It’s more adult than the first Harry Potter films but can be seen with tweens and teens. It’s the first in a five -film series (quintlogy ??)