Seen any good movies lately?

Just finished 9 episodes of Squid Game. Very impressive.

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We enjoyed “Driveways” a lot. Lucas Jaye is a fantastic kid actor. Doesn’t over act like most kids. Agree with the 99% Rotten Tomatoes reviews on this movie.

Went to see No Time to Die over the weekend as H is a big James Bond fan. It was our first time in a movie theatre since the start of the pandemic. We enjoyed the movie and there were not too many people around us.

Our only complaint was when we left the theatre. So may sodas and popcorn boxes just left on the floor. There is a trash can outside every theatre at our AMC and we couldn’t believe how rude people are.


Tonight we enjoyed Philomena on Netflix. Mostly a slow paced drama/mystery with a bit of humor in the dialog sometimes. Judi Dench was great.


YES—great movie. Went in directions (HIV) we did not expect. Before this, we only knew Steve Coogan as Octavius in the Night at the Museum movies! Ireland stole our hearts after our visit 4 years ago, and this was a little bit heartbreaking. Also surprised to learn it was based on a true story.

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If considering Philomena, you can watch this trailer. There are some minor spoilers … stop around 1:40 to avoid the biggest ones - Philomena Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Judi Dench, Steve Coogan Movie HD - YouTube

So nice to see so many posts on this thread! Question for y’all: do you rely on critic’s reviews when deciding whether or not to see a movie and if so, which critic do you rely on? I was thinking of seeing “The Last Duel” but I couldn’t find a single reviewer on IMdB that I was familiar with. If anyone’s seen it, please let me know what you thought.

I generally tend to agree with the film critics writing for our local paper, but not always! :slight_smile:

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