Selecting major on application?

<p>Can i choose 2 majors withing Cockrell and then choose CNS as my second choice or do i only get one choice of major?</p>

<p>2 choices total. So either two Cockrell majors or one from Cockrell and the other from CNS.</p>

<p>Personally I wouldn’t advise it. When you apply you are applying to the school not the major. If you get into cockrell and decide to switch to your second choice major, it would be relatively easy. If you put cockrell as both your options and cockrell does not accept you, you will be admitted as a undergraduate studies (undeclared) major and you will have to internally transfer into cockrell.</p>

<p>But if I do not get into my first choice engineering major and get into CNS I will still have to transfer internally.</p>

<p>If you want to change your major from one in CNS to one in Cockrell, you will have to do an internal transfer. This applies with any major change from one college to another (i.e. mccombs to CNS or Jackson to Cockrell)</p>

<p>Because it is very difficult to internally transfer to Cockrell, I’d recommend trying to get into the college by the regular admission process, and by selecting engineering as both your choices (assuming you want to become an engineering major).</p>

<p>If I am top 1% of my class will that automatically admit me into any major?</p>

<p>I disagree with CarrieD and agree with nv1993.</p>

<p>The Cockrell School of Engineering is much harder to get into than the CNS. Cockrell is considered to be a “closed” school while the CNS is considered to be “open”. This means that, with the exception of Comp. Sci., the CNS can accept as many students as they want every year so long as those students meet their standards. On the other hand, Cockrell can only accept a finite number of students and only grab from the top applicants until they are full.</p>

<p>Contrary to what CarrieD said, acceptance to Cockrell is very strongly based on major. I have met many, many people who were rejected from their first choice major in Cockrell and accepted into their second choice major in Cockrell so I am very sure of this. Being top 1% should guarantee you a spot in all majors assuming that you have an equally good SAT score (2200+ to be absolutely certain). These are the two most important criteria for your acceptance.</p>

<p>Which majors are you aiming for? The order that you put them in can make a significant difference because of the varying standards for each major. For example, if your first choice is Electrical Engineering (EE) and your second choice is Biomedical Engineering (BME) then I would recommend replacing your second choice with the CNS major. This is because EE is a large program with a one of the highest acceptance rates in Cockrell while BME is one of the smallest programs with one of the lowest acceptance rates. If you were to be rejected from EE, you would honestly have no chance of getting into BME. By putting a CNS major in as your second choice, you’ll actually be putting your second choice to use because it is very possible to get rejected from EE but still get accepted to something in the CNS.</p>

<p>So again, which majors are you considering?</p>

<p>I agree with everything that frever wrote. My son put BME down as his first choice, and biology as his second. He got accepted to BME, much to his surprise! His SAT was over 2200, but his OOS school didn’t rank.</p>