selecting teachers

<p>i'm a first time freshman and my calculus teacher was talking to my class about choosing the right calculus teacher. So i was wondering, if there is a suggestion as to which calculus teacher i should choose?</p>

<p>Hello, I just finished my freshman year at csuf.I took both 150a and 150b.</p>

<p>I had Dr.Pierce for 150a and i thought he was really easy. I got an A+ in the class.
For 150b i had Dr. Scott and i also got an A in the class. I also heard youseffi is an easy teacher for 150b as well. However, be careful when you enter 150 b. it is a relatively difficult class, and at csuf its the hardest lower division calculus class out of 4. </p>

<p>Since i'm a biochemistry major, i dont have to take anymore calculus ^_^. best of luck to you and goodluck at csuf. </p>

<p>sincerely, Kevin</p>

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