Selective College Admissions/Acceptance

<p>If it were me, I would skip the Math Subject Test and apply to Bowdoin anyway. My hunch is if they would like to accept an applicant, they will. And the Math SAT I is supportive.<br>
A parent once posted on these threads that her daughter was admitted to and attended Columbia in spite of having 2 fewer Subject Tests than were "required" of home schoolers. After my son had applied to Johns Hopkins, we bumped into a page on the University's website that stated they required a graded transcript from home schoolers, which my son didn't have. I sent in a letter saying that we had just noticed the requirement. The letter I sent noted that the College Reports that 43% of SAT takers report that they are "A" students, and that I had visited several schools recently and knew my son's friends. In my opinion, my son was an "A" student. He was admitted.
I think the published requirements at public universities are much more set in stone.</p>

<p>'rentof2, We had the same regret. My son did lots of APs and we never dreamed anyone would want the SAT IIs on top. He had to take the SAT IIs in a lump his senior fall - long after the classes. Our next child will take the SAT IIs when they do APs.</p>