Selective Service Question

<p>OK - I know, not a college question but S needs some advice and the phone number they give doesn't allow you to ACTUALLY ASK A REAL LIVE PERSON!!!
So having got that off my chest, what address did your sons use when completing their registration forms? College or home? S is at school in Canada (how convenient!) and will be moving from dorm to apartment so he's really at a loss as to what to put down.</p>

<p>S used our mailing address.</p>

<p>My son used our home address, even though he goes to high school out of the country. We called and were told to use the parent's address, since it is generally considered the permanent address.</p>

<p>Our S also used our home address.</p>

<p>Where does he legally reside? Where is he registered to vote? Use that address. For most college kids, it's the parents' home address.</p>

<p>Thanks to all who replied. He knows what to do. I think I take these things a little too literally: ie, there's a statement in the form that says he should notify them in 10 days of a change of address and oh well, nevermind...he'll just put down our address.</p>