selectivity in sending scores

<p>I was going to ask the yahoo masses but this crowd seems more capable of a realistic answer. </p>

<p>So, as we all know, most colleges encourage us to send all of our scores and let them superscore the SAT and ignore lesser subject test scores at their will. I'm sure I'm not alone in my wariness. Not one of my scores are bad, but they are not great either.</p>

<p>MY QUESTION (caps so you could skip the digression) then is, should I send a 730 sat II in US history along with my 800 BioE, 790 Chem, 780 Math II, 750 lit, and 700m/740w/800c 770m/760w/740c? It's not, by itself, 'very good' but I've only got the literature SAT II for humanities otherwise. Also, and I don't know if they will or even should take this into consideration, but bio, math II, and US were taken a full year after their corresponding courses due to a concussion and lit was taken before my school's lit course. </p>

<p>Should I send a 730 as a fifth subject score to provide more insight on my humanities skills or will that send them the message that I'm proud of this score and therefor inadequate on that front?</p>

<p>IMO, all your scores are great, send them all. Some of your schools may not allow Score Choice, so you will be sending them all anyway. The difference between a 730 and 750 is minuscule and within the range of error for these tests. Your USH score only helps support your other excellent testing scores in a wide range of subjects.</p>

<p>entomom, I think I'll take your advice. It's not a score to be disappointed in but I feel incredibly neutral towards it. I can only hope the admissions guys will see it as you do.
For further background, I will have 11-13 APs (with a 5 in APUSH and half of them humanities) to demonstrate some ability in that arena.</p>

<p>As far as the standardized testing part of your application, you look like you're in great shape. And it sounds like you've taken a very rigorous course load as well. Move on and write some killer essays!</p>