self-reported class rank

<p>My daughter's large public high school no longer gives kids a rank, but tells them only what decile they fall into. Her counselor told her that she was in the top 5 kids in the class (and this is confirmed by looking at the gpa/decile correlation chart that the high school provides). Is she allowed to say on her application that she is in the top 1-2% of the class or can she only indicate that she's in the top decile?
The application question is as follows:
"Ranked _______ in a total graduating class of ________
(If precide rank is not available, please estimate as "top tenth", "top quarter", etc"</p>

<p>I believe she should answer the question as precisely as possible, and note that it is based on the schools grade distribution info from the guidance office. Top 5 would be regarded more highly than top decile, especially if the school were a large one.</p>

<p>dadx is right. If your school does not officially rank, but you know your Ds ranking, you can write it in there. I would only do this if your D is ranked 1 or 2, however/</p>

<p>Why would you only do it if 1 or 2?</p>

<p>Because statistically being #1 or #2 gives a huge boost in admissions, at least at the Ivys/MIT etc.
The advantages drop very sharply for #3, 4, ....</p>