self-reported courses - dilemma

<p>In my self-reported courses section, I've run out of space, especially in the science/math categories. I'm worried because the question asks for ALL courses. Please let me know how others have/might solve this problem. Thanks!</p>

<p>you can list the extra courses under "other". If that still isn't enough space, use the space under "anything else?" in #14.</p>

<p>I attached a copy of my transcript, because certainly I couldn't fit all of my things on the form, yet I want to stay honest. I don't know if that is the best way to do it, but I don't want them to think I am misrepresenting myself.</p>

<p>I posted a whole year in each in:</p>

<p>Alegbra 3-4 A,A
Pre-Calculus A,A
AP Calculus A,A</p>

<p>yea, i did that too, and I STILL ran out of space...i started listing TWO courses per line...</p>

<p>Hey does anyone know what to do about courses in progress? We won't have our semester grades, of course, but should we put the grade we have so far in our classes?</p>

<p>janeeyre, that's what I did, with a note that it was a fall 2004 class. and the grade was my "current" grade.</p>

<p>Just to check...for course title...we just put "Calculus AB" instead of "AP Calculus AB", because on the level we would have already indicated it was AP, right?</p>

<p>i bet either would be fine. probably the former.</p>

<p>I am writing "Calculus AB" because AP is already checked.</p>

<p>I am omitting grades for current classes.</p>

<p>Firebird, maybe consider only putting your most advanced classes? They will have a copy of your transcript if they're really worried about when you took algebra... But if you've aced topograhy then i'm sure they can infer that you know algebra 1 sufficiently well.</p>

<p>I have a quick question for those of you applying online. When you go to print preview for the self reported crouses/term grades section, two columns appear (fall and spring). However, going back to the online page, it only says term I the only one enoutering this? Should I type two grades in that column (the first for fall, second for spring?)</p>

<p>yeah i had the same issue janeeyre
i tuped both grades in the one column and messed with the spacign till it looked good on the PDF, which is what I think the adcoms see. </p>

<p>i already submitted it though, so w00t.</p>

<p>ok thanks :)</p>

<p>sorry another quick question. How do you do italics in the MIT online form? I included some titles (which need ot be italicized) and some essay words really need to be italicized to get my point across.</p>

<p>good question... I would use <i> and </i> (i those don't show up it is this: <i> and </i>), which is the HTML way of saying I want whatever is in between to be italicized... Even if it doesn't show up in the PDF as italics, I'm sure the adcoms know basic HTML (especially if mot/all? are MIT alumni). If you don't like that way, figure out how to write italics when compiling a pdf (try and use that in the form space....</p>

<p>Thanks very much. :)</p>

<p>wow, u guys must have taken lotta courses to run out of space! the math and science section was like 8 lines!</p>