Self Reporting AP Scores Question

So I have taken 11 AP’s and have earned all 4’s and 5’s on all of them, except one (which I recieved a 1 on this year). Can I choose to not to self-report that one? All my other stats are pretty high. Also if I do get into that college and have to send them the ap score report in july with the 1, is that bad? will they do anything?

You can report all, some or none. Up to you

@Gumbymom but if i don’t report the 1 and then send that in with my ap score report in june/july, will the college do anything about it?


The score report goes to the registrar. Admissions never sees it at most colleges. And the clerical in the registrar’s office won t care that you got a 1

@skieurope even if its a top school or like an ivy, they wouldn’t care? im j scared they can rescind ur admission

Correct. In the history of the universe, no US college has ever rescinded an acceptance based on AP score.

@skieurope ok thank you! will it raise suspicion if i don’t report that one test, but i have high scores on all other ap tests and high stats overall?

Omitting one test is not a big deal. People sometimes just don’t take a particular AP exam or they were sick or any other reason. Omitting 5 out of 11 would raise an eyebrow.

@skieurope thank u for ur help!

My pleasure