Self Reporting Scores on Common App

Hi, I have a transcript for my grades in 9-11th year and courses for my 12th, but our school makes A the highest grade you can receive, even if percentage-wise it’s a 97 or above. On the Common App should I put the letter grade as shown on my transcript since our school doesn’t factor in the percentages on the transcript? Because on the Common App there’s an A+ option.

Very few colleges ask for grade detail on the application since they see the transcript.

For those few colleges that ask for grades, you need to match the transcript. If the transcript shows letter grades only, that’s what you list.

Fwiw, 4 of my D22s 10 schools require the Courses and Grades section.

And yes, it needs to match the transcript. My D receives a number and letter grade in each class four times a year. But the transcript only has a single year-end letter for each class. So that’s all she entered.