Self-Storage Sites for Summer Rental

<p>D is moving off-campus next year, and would like to find out information on where she can store her things over the summer when she comes home. Since we live in New York, it does not make sense to lug it all home, and then turn around and bring it all back.</p>

<p>Any info. shared would be greatly appreicated!!</p>

<p>I used Sentry Self-services Storage (on Tharpe) over the summer, and split a unit with a friend to keep the cost down. I believe it was about $180 for the entire summer, so we each payed about $90. Not air-conditioned, but we didn't need it. Do NOT store at UPS on campus. Their rates are so ridiculous...something like $20 to store a MICROWAVE. You can buy one for almost as much, it's crazy. Anyway, that's my say on it! Didn't have any problems :)</p>

<p>thank you!</p>