Self-Study AP European History?

Hi, all. I’m a current sophomore, and my school offers no APs to sophomores; however, my history class is currently studying “modern world history,” which includes a lot of topics covered in AP European. Obviously, I’d have to self-study in order to catch up on all AP material I’m missing out on. Since I have no other APs, I figure that it’s possible to get a 5, but I’m concerned that I’m starting too late to be able to adequately study. I need to study from the Renaissance up to the age of imperialism: about 400 pages of text. (My class covers WW2 and onwards.)</p>

The textbook I have is Western Civilization by Jackson J. Spielvogel, and the prep book I have is Barron’s AP Euro (and I will probably buy Crash Course REA’s AP Euro prep book.) </p>

Is it possible for me to get a 5 if I start seriously studying right now? Are there lots of trivial facts and dates on the test? How tough are the DBQ and FRQs? Thank you!</p>