Self-Study AP Lang

<p>Do you think that its possible to self-study for this test and still get a 5? I haven't taken any other AP english course but i have a pretty strong SAT CR score (700) and a decent writing score (640). Plus if it is possible, whats the best way to study for it cuz im thinking of just getting a review book and do practice questions and read classical books but idk if that would be enough for the test</p>

<p>I think for the most part APLAC is very much natural writing talent, so if you feel that you are a strong natural writer I say go for it. As for recommendations; try and get a list of tone words (you can most likely get it by googleing ap lang tone words) look at some of the old free response (can be found on the college boards web sight) and i think a prep book is really only good for the multiple choice questions (i would recommend Barrons or Princeton review)</p>

<p>Thanks a lot =) also is it important to have a strong knowledge of vocab cuz i heard that that's important</p>

<p>Yes, it is very possible to self-study for the AP Language exam and get a 5. Basically in my class, all we did was take practice AP exams and learn rheotoric terms. (You should probably look them up or get them from a review book, it'll help you with the one essay where you have to analyze rheotoric, which is probably the hardest one.) </p>

<p>But the best way to study for it is to practice, practice, practice. If there's a teacher at your school that teaches it, ask him/her for practice exams or for them to look over your essays and grade them. Natural writing talent does fall into play for the exam. :') I got a 5 on it just so you know.</p>