Self Study AP Spanish

I am interested in self studying for Spanish. I plan to take the test next year and we’ll begin studying over the summer. I have a Barrons book and am a Native speaker. Will that suffice?

IMO, yes. Although I will say, IMO, world languages are one subject where I think it’s a waste of time to study for. Once you understand the format of the exam, there really is nothing left to do; either you know the language or you don’t, and for a native speaker, I’m assuming you’re in the former category.

If you are a native speaker you could totally do it! I know lots of people who speak it and so they just buy a prep book, review some grammar and do really well. One of my friends is fluent in Spanish because her parents are from Mexico and they speak it a home and she barely reviewed at all and got a “5”.
But if you’re not already fluent but have a background it’d be difficult but if you put a lot of work into it I’m sure you could self study it, but it would be one of the more difficult ones to self study.

Because you’re a native speaker, buy a prep book (or 2) for the course to get used to the exam format, and work on grammar because chances are that how you speak the language isn’t how you would want to write it (I don’t know anyone who speaks with perfect grammar and like he/she is reading an essay). Make sure you know what the AP graders are looking for in each part of the exam, and you should be good.
Good luck!