Self-Study Calculus

<p>So here's my situation:</p>

<p>In eighth grade I was supposed to be put in Algebra I, but there was a mishap and I ended up in pre-algebra. I thought no biggie, but in high school I would have to pay $400 to play "catch up" in math and I can't afford that. Now I am in pre-calculus or Functions/Trigonometry. So unfair, but now I want to self-study AP Calculus BC so I won't have to take Calc in college. If I start now, would it be possible for me to learn Calc BC by May?</p>

<p>I'm trying to study calculus ab but I need help also. Any books fellow ccers recommend? any websites? anything.</p>

<p>I'm using PR...I heard it was one of the best. Anyone? We are in dire need of help!</p>

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<p>Ok, I know some people who are in the same situation.
1. The first question I have is are you self motivated?
In order to self study you should be capable of learning even though you are not being monitored by a teacher.
2. Are you good at math?
AP Calculus requires a mastery of Algebra1&2, and some Trigonometry.
I suggest you study and understand AB (easier and more algebra)
Then if you have time/feel confident try BC (harder and more trig)</p>

<li>Yes 100%</li>
<li>Yes, at least I would think so. I had an A in Alg I (590/600 on end of year exam) and Geometry (perfect score on end of year exam). B+ in Alg II/Trig.</li>

<p>Go to, it's super helpful!</p>

<p>Khan</a> Academy + your dad's old college Calculus books + Calculus prep books + dedication = 5 on the AP.</p>

<p>how hard is calculus ab to self study though?</p>

<p>Thanks guys. I will look into that.</p>