Self study textbooks for AP physics C(both exams)and AP chem?

<p>I will taking AP physics B and AP calculus BC in school next year, and my school doesn't offer Physics C. So I think self study would be a good idea. Is there any textbook recommended? I dont want to just get a review book and get a 5, I want to actually learn the stuff. Same for chemistry, I will be taking chem in school next year, but im not allowed to skip chem regular[no honors in my school], so any textbook for AP?

<p>Physics for Scientists and Engineers by Serway</p>

<p>Well @QQwang, I know “Chemistry, the Central Science” is a good text book to really go in depth and know chemistry, but Princeton is the review book that’s amazing :).</p>

<p>University Physics with Modern Physics (by Young and Freedman)</p>

<p>There’s also the physics book by Halliday and Resnick.</p>

<p>Among most popular books for chemistry are Chemistry by Zumdahl, Chemistry: the Central Science by Brown (and others), and Chemistry by Chang. I personally find the one by Chang to be straight to the point (the chapters are not too long and are easily readable in an hour or two).</p>

<p>There are also textbooks by Silberberg and by Olmsted and Williams but I am not familiar with those. There is also a more advanced (calculus based) textbook by Atkins (Chemical Principles: The Quest for Insight) for honors general chemistry/chemistry majors if you’re interested. Similarly, there’s also the one by Linus Pauling (though it is quite old and not up to date).</p>

<p>This is not by all means a definite list - there are tons of chemistry textbooks out there (if the authors are lucky enough that their textbooks becomes popular, they can make tons of money (millions of dollars)).</p>

<p>For Chemistry, I used Zumdahl. It’s a very decent book. If you cover the chapter in depth that are relevant to the AP curriculum, I have no doubt you’d get a 5.</p>