Self Study World History and US Gov

I plan on self studying these two tests for next year, but I really have no idea how to start. I have a Barrons review book for both subjects and plan on watching the Crash Course videos. Is that enough, and if not what do I need? Thanks in advance.

I’ve been reading a lot of history and government since 8th grade. Crash course definitely helped me along the way of learning History, but I wouldn’t say it’s enough. Use the book, Google any questions you may have, and good luck.

Barron’s is great for learning the material, but it is by no means a good option to use the month before the test. It is way too long. I’d say read the Barron’s book over the year, use crash course to brush up before the AP, and do a lot of practice essays

I’m talking about AP world, btw

Thank you for the comments. I plan on beginning to study in July.