Self Study?

How do you self study? What websites, etc. do you use to study? Does it count towards your gpa?

If you’re pertaining to AP self study–which I think you are–then no it doesn’t count towards your gpa, it’s just to take the AP test and get potential College credit. Many people use a variety of review books for each AP class.

Oh, okay. So no self study courses count toward gpa?

Nope, if you do well on the AP test though colleges may be impressed by you and it does show motivation. It may not be a momentous factor in college admissions but it does add merit.

I’m assuming you want to self-study an AP class your school doesn’t offer. (If your school offers the class, you should take it.) Tell your guidance counselor you want to take an AP exam for a class your school doesn’t offer. Someone at your school will order a single test for you, and someone will administer it in May.

You should use textbooks or something like MIT Open Courseware. Prep books are okay, but you won’t really learn the material if that’s all you have.


You can try BYU independent study, since you can send that separate transcript. I’m not sure if it will contribute to your public school gpa but I think it will include a separate gpa