<p>Wow; it has been a long time since anyone's posted anything here.</p>

<p>Just a quick question about TAC: would a student have time to self-study a language, in addition to the core curriculum?</p>

<p>I don't know if any TAC students will post here. (I'm a parent of a student).
I'd say it depends. . .I think it would be difficult since the work-load is pretty heavy (6 classes freshman year. . .) If you are well-prepared and have a good background in Latin, Math and the classics already, you mind find the time if you are super motivated. (Is it Greek you want to study?)</p>

<p>Probably Sanskrit. It would definitely be a dead (or near-dead) language. I'm already taking German and Latin; I hope to go into historical linguistics in grad school (if not undergrad), and Aquinas would be a good place to get a solid liberal arts education first.</p>