Self-Studying AP Art History for 2011

<p>So, I'm very strongly considering self-studying
AP Art History for next year (my senior year). I have the annotated Mona Lisa, but from what I understand it is only meant to provide an overview (although an excellent overview). I'll probably get the annotated arch at some
point too, but I was wondering what else would be a good resource? Can I survive on just Mona + a review book? Which is best, barron's or REA? For people who took the test this year, how did each of those books cover the test material? Also, is a textbook very useful, and which one is best? In short, what's the best way to prepare for the exam? Thanks for your help, I know it's alot of questions :).</p>

<p>I heard that REA is better than Barron's but I have yet to acquire it. I think Gardner's is good for a textbook but it's really long!</p>

<p>good luck with that haha i hated it</p>