Self-Studying Ap Calc. And Phys.

<p>Hi guys, i need help self-studying calculus and physics simultaneously. I am a sophmore and my school does not offer any ap or honor courses for 10th graders. I went ahead and bought two books to see if i can self study with those two but i need much more help. Right now im taking geometry and find everything pretty easy. I havent done anything with even Trig yet. I bought The PR book 04-05 on physics b&c and Calculus AB&BC. Are there any books that introduce me to the subject and then i can use the PR books for review? Thanks.</p>

<p>if you're taking geometry right now, i'd suggest you wait a bit before taking calc :)</p>

<p>I realize that i made a mistake by buying the calc book thinking it would be that easy but, i thought the book would at least explain the basic things needed to learn calculus (AB) but no...... I really like to challenge myself because i basically sleep in geometry class, and i can teach it to the class......</p>

<p>Still, it's a little bit too early IMO, assuming you haven't even touched Alg II, Trig, and Pre-Calc.</p>

<p>i know at my school pre-calculus is a co-req for taking ap phys b...</p>

<p>you might want to rethink this. physics at that point is essentially all trig/calculus</p>

<p>physics b requires a very basic knowledge of trig... it should be self-study-able, but give yourself lots of time cause there's a lot of material covered. last year I think we used Cutnell & Johnson Physics, the book was alright, but I never really read it since our teacher preferred to use powerpoints. However, I do have a set of Physics B notes that some guy from CC sent me that I find to be very helpful (especially for reviewing for the AP test). If anyway wants them, give me a hollar.</p>

<p>For calculus, you need ONE and ONLY ONE book:
Schaum's outline: Calculus. That's what i used in sophomore self studying. don' seems pretty hard to self study..</p>