Self-studying AP English Language?

<p>Yes/no? Tips? Advice?I am an decent writer and practiced a lot Of writing bc of apuush. I'm in honors English but we don't have AP. I will be doing this junior year.</p>

<p>Well AP Lang is a lil weird in my opinion. It's not about analyzing the meaning of the story, it's more about analyzing the way it's written. You have to write about why an author used this and that rhetorical device and stuff. By the way, this is for the rhetorical essay. The other two essays will be easy since it's pretty much like apush's.
The reading section i find somewhat difficult, it's harder than the SATs that's for sure. You should go check out some prep books on this material. If you find it hard then you could try Lit.</p>

<p>You shouldn't have a problem. I honestly didn't even need to take the class, the only thing we learned that helped was rhetorical stuff, so make sure you study that. But other than that it's a slightly more difficult version of the SATs.</p>