Self Studying AP European History

Hey! I took AP World History this year (I’m a freshman), and I enjoyed the class as the course material was interesting (I got a B in the class, but our teacher was hard). I’m pretty sure I got a 5 on the exam too since most of my dbq’s this year earned 9s and 10s. I’ve already signed up for APUSH next year, but I also want to self-study AP Euro as my school doesn’t offer it, and I’ve heard there’s a huge overlap between World and Euro. What textbooks or prep books would you recommend?

Don’t have any advice, but I’m self studying AP Euro as well! Its offered as a regular class at my school (couldn’t take it bc of scheduling conflicts) and I’m fairly sure they use a book called “a history of western society”

IDK if this is possible (i’m pretty new to this forum) but if you pm me it might be nice to know someone else taking it online!! What program are you taking it from?

I have no idea how to pm someone, sorry : ( but I’m using a pdf I found online of “schaum’s outline of modern european history” and just doing the outlines for that. I might switch to the Barron’s prep book later as a form of reviewing too!