Self Studying APs: Environmental Science, Psychology, Human Geography

<p>I'll be self studying these APs these year + a history course (most possibly APUSH). Which AP History course would you consider the easiest to self-study? What materials would you suggest for each subject? I have heard that Barron's was the best for Psych. How about for the rest? And do Barron's Flash Cards really help? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Yah, Barron's was okay but I used Princton as well for psych. It is preety easy to self-study. I just studied the whole book the week before the test and I am expecting my scores. I have taken human geography and I thought it was hard even getting a 4. I would recomend unless you are a globalized that you take it in class but you could probably do it. I don't know about ap environmental science.-Sorry.
I would suggest kaplan. It explains you alot. hope I helped.</p>

<p>PR for HG
PR for Environmental Science (you could also use Smartypants Guide as a supp)
Barron's for Psychology</p>

<p>The flashcards are good, but they won't make the difference from a 4 to a 5. They're basically the Barrons book in a flashcards format. </p>

<p>This is from my own experience, except psychology.</p>

<p>I self studied for Human Geography. I started with the Barron's book, reading it twice and outlining every chapter, in addition to making vocab list. Then, I also read the Kaplan book and the REA book two times each. I also took all of the practice tests in each book. I think that REA had the most relevent information, Kaplan was the most interesting and well organized (plus, it had really great chapter review and practice questions), and Barron's was the most concise. I expect to get a pretty good score on the test (at least a 4). </p>

<p>I would suggest getting all three books, but reading Kaplan, then REA, then Barron's. Also, the practice tests in the REA book are WAY harder than the actual test. The Barron's practice tests are way easier. I thought that the Kaplan ones were spot on.</p>

<p>Also, you don't really need to be aware of a lot of current events. In fact, they suggest that you don't write about overly current things for the FRQs because they won't be as well known. They really look for classic examples, which you will get from the prep books.</p>