Self Studying AP's

Would self studying for easy AP’s(Enviro, Psych, Human Geo) look good to admission officers? Is it worth the effort?

It’s good for potential college credit if it does not impact your ECa. Don’t do it to impress admissions - they won’t be impressed.

If we all know what the easy APs are, so does every single AO.

Not worth the effort unless you are very very very TRULY interested. Too much work and doesn’t bump your GPA nor will it give you a leg up.

Known easy AP tests, often taken by Freshman/Sophomores, where you didn’t spend the time in class learning, doing homework, labs, etc. and only studied from a book to pass a single 2-3 hour test?

No, admissions officers won’t be impressed. They may even question how you chose to invest your free time.

Study the topics if you’re very interested. But AP prep books are poor sources for this