Self-Studying help?

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I'm planning to self study the following AP's during my junior year (mostly January onward though):
AP French Language
AP US Government and Politics
AP Comparative Government and Politics
AP Environmental Science</p>

<p>I have some questions:
1) How long would it take to study the aforementioned AP's, given that I am a native french speaker, I've taken honors but not AP bio, and I will be taking APUSH next year?
2) Which books should I use for each AP? (I already bought Barrons for AP French)
3) Given that my school offers AP French and APES, but not the other two, who should I ask for permission to take the AP tests? How should I explain that I want to take the test but not the class? Do schools offer all tests, even those for which no class is offered?
4) How much will self studying help me in terms of college applications? (I'm already taking AP BC Calc, AP Chem, AP Stats, and APUSH junior year, and AP Physics, AP Econ, AP English Lit, and AP Spanish Language senior year; the top students at my competitive public school usually do not take more than 7-8 AP's throughout high school).</p>


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<p>Anyone want to help?</p>

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<li>Comp gov't needs very little studying. A few looks at a review book and gov't terms would prepare you well. AP French Language for a french speaker should be simple. Same thing for comp gov't goes for USG.</li>
<li>Barron's is good.</li>
<li>Talk to the AP coordinator and see what they can do.</li>
<li>It really depends on how you use it to your advantage.</li>