Self-studying IB student, help!

<p>I need some books to study calculus AB & BC, statistics, and macro/micro. I'm thinking about getting Princeton Reviews and Barrons, but the comments are saying that they're just for review and shouldn't be for self-study. Please recommend me some books. :(</p>

<p>First of all, there's no need to take both Calculus AB & BC. If you are going into any kind of science or engineering major, take the latter. If not, take the former. In regard to self-studying, I find McGraw-Hill's "Five Steps To A Five" very helpful. I will also be self-studying for BC Calc as I am in Mathematics SL this year (unfortunately my school does not offer Math HL). Currently I have the "FIve Steps To A Five" and Kaplan's review book. I'd also recommend getting a good Calculus text book. Not only will it have good practice problems but also good explanations of topics.</p>

<p>I think Peterson's guide is good for learning, although nothing replaces a good Calculus textbook (Larson is one that is highly regarded)</p>