Self-Studying or Online

<p>This is my scenario: I really want to take Ap environmental science which I can't place in my school schedule so I was wondering as I have heard it's preety easy. Would it be better to self-study or take it online? What are the benefits of self-studying and online. Would colleges disregard me if I was taking more online class (I am taking economics). Do I have to pay for self-studying the test? Thanks early.:)</p>


<p>i recommend self studying as this test is really easy. benefits: cheaper (although you still probably have to pay 86 bucks for the test, unless your school pays for AP tests), flexible schedule, more relaxed, can do anytime.</p>

<p>online benefits are that you will probably learn better, although with this AP test you really don't need that because it's so easy, you can get a really easy 5 just by self studying. and no, colleges will not disregard you for taking online. I highly recommend just doing it on your own.</p>

<p>Thank you.:)</p>

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<p>oh, ok thank you. I was going to do it flvs and then was like should I do it or not. Now I know.Thanks.:)</p>