Self Studying

<p>Next year, I will be in 10th grade. In school, I will be allowed to take my first AP, World History. </p>

<p>I want to become a National AP Scholar so I want to self study some AP's. Is self-studying two AP's difficult? I want to study Human Geography and Environmental Science. </p>

<p>Is a textbook needed for the two self studies, or will a prep book work? If so, which one. </p>

<p>Finally, which test prep book is best for World History.</p>

<p>Thanks for the help</p>

<p>Prep book will work for APES and APHG. Barron's i heard will suffice.</p>

<p>Prep for World: get any one, along with the textbook and class it's enough</p>

<p>That's funny because this year was my 10th grade year, and I was able to take my first in-school AP, APUSH, and I self-studied two which happened to be Human Geography and Environmental Science. So you're basically in the same situation that I was in. To answer your first question, self-studying two AP's is not difficult. I kind of wish I would have selfed 3 or 4. And you really do not need textbooks for those subjects. I bought one for each, but by the end of the year I came to rely solely on review books. However, don't just get one review book for each- get at least two. You must get Princeton Review for both subjects. They dominated this year's tests over my other review books. And I strongly believe I pulled all 5's in case you were wondering.</p>

<p>WHAP: Princeton Review
APES: Princeton Review</p>

<p>Well considering the two you are planning to self-study are considered to be two of the easiest AP's it shouldn't be too hard. Especially since I find AP Environmental Science to be somewhat common sense.</p>

<p>I don't know what to use for human geo, but for envi sci I used princeton(self) and scored 5's on my mocks several times in a row. All I did was study a month before the exam for about 1-2 hours a day, 4-6 the week before. It is totally manageable and I hear geo is easy as well. Honestly, you could very easily add on AP psych, Just study starting january or earlier and you're on your way to passing the exam. :)</p>