Self teach an AP course?

I have 5 AP classes that I’m taking my senior year (gov, lit, chem, calc, italian) and have taken 3 others my junior year, but I’d like to know if any of the following AP courses would be recommended self-teaching: psychology, european history, or micro/macroeconomics?

Did u take a global history course? Then european history being self taught is possible

For what purpose?

@2016senior i took one my freshman year and received an A with an A+ on the final exam

@skieurope interested in taking these courses but my school doesn’t offer them/not enough students enrolled in the class

OK. econ and psych are probably the easiest to self study. If you’ve taken AP USH, you can probably handle Euro.

That said, it’s really easy to look in June before your senior year and think you will have all this time available to you. At least 3 of your senior year AP courses can be very time consuming (Lit, Calc, and Chem) depending on your teacher. Additionally, rising seniors always underestimate just how much of a time suck college applications and essays will be.

So if you can keep up your grades, EC’s, write your apps, etc, you might be able to handle it. Also if you choose to go this route, choose a subject that really interests you and realize that this will provide no boost to your admissions packet.

Realize that these courses (after all your studying) may not receive credit at colleges EVEN if you get a 5 on the AP test.
Be prepared for the college that you plan on attending to say: “We’ll only accept AP Lit scores for credit” and then all your time studying those AP’s will go to waste. Just be prepared for that.