Self Teaching AP Courses

<p>I'm debating whether or not I should teach myself an AP Course during the spring. Our school offers a wide range, but most of them are generic, and I want to stand out. I'm taking Stats now, and will have USH, Chem, and English next semester (so I'm going to have to reteach myself stats for the test anyway). Next year (i'm a jr) I'll be taking the other english, calc ab, and us gov</p>

<p>I'm considering:</p>

<p>Human Geography (which actually interests me)
One or both of the economics courses
World History
Compartive Gov</p>

<p>are these feasible? I took Euro last year and made a 5</p>

<p>If they are, which would be most impressive? I havent heard much praise for Human Geography (or enviro, but I'm not a huge fan of science anyway)</p>

<p>Lastly, how would I go about doing this?</p>


<p>from what i<code>ve heard, human geography isn</code>t that hard.</p>

<p>World History can be done with a good review book; the problem is that I believe the only good one is the PR. If there is an REA book, I would take it for its detail.
Human Geography is supposedly something that someone could learn in less than a month.</p>

<p>Comparative government is easy. World history isn't too bad since you've already taken APEH and presumably a basic world history course (because it puts emphasis on making connections / themes rather than details). Macroeconomics and microeconomics are both pretty easy. Human geography is easy but not exactly considered a mainstream subject of study (although the way the academy is headed..., but I digress).</p>

<p>In any case, any self-studied AP is "impressive". Why not do multiple APs? I'd suggest economics for sheer usefulness, and human geography because you enjoy it. If you're up to it take the other two as well, since they really aren't hard if you're inclined.</p>

<p>World History
All you need is the Princeton Review, confidence, and you're all set for a 5.</p>