Selling dining dollars?

<p>I heard that there is this new program that was installed in recent years that allows students to sell their remaining dining dollars to other students.
When can we start selling our dining dollars, what is usually the conversion rate (like one dining dollar for every 70 cents?), and how?</p>

<p>hmm i remember reading on the hdh site that you can transfer/sell to another student, same value though i think, and both have to meet at the hdh office place to do so.
but i can't find it on their site.
it seems they've changed it around.
i'd suggest just emailing hdh and seeing what they say from there.</p>

<p>but i'm pretty sure it's equal, i.e. you sell 1 point for $1.</p>

<p>You can sell it equally, but not many people will want to buy it from you 1:1, because they can just purchase it from hdh for 1:1 too. If they put their money into triton cash, they can eat at other restaurants on campus and off campus. They can also choose to eat at dining halls for 1:1.1, so you pretty much have to sell at a lower rate.</p>

<p>oh okay. yeah that sounds reliable enough. I am thinking that I probably should sell my dining dollars even at like a rate lower than 1:1. It would be more beneficial for me regardless because some items at the market here are like twice the retail price @_@
Two AA batteries are like four dollar.
8 sausages are like 5 dollar (they are sold for 2 dollar at target)
A frozen gyu don beef bowl is 6 ( 3.29 retail)
Eggs are like so abysmally high that I don't even remember
I guess we are paying for storage and convenience, but I don't really have a problem with any of that so it's not worth the price for me ( and my res hall has kitchens!)</p>

<p>though the only problem with this would be finding people to sell my dining dollars to >_></p>