Semester Limit with CC Units Prior to HS Grad?

Looking for clarification on Transfer semester limit with CC units prior to HS graduation.

I gather from the link attached that transfers (to UCB L&S, for example) are allowed four semesters to graduate.

I also note that If you will finish your final semester at or under the unit ceiling (130), you can be extended to the next Fall or Spring semester.

And that, “College credit earned before you graduated high school, including college exam credit (AP/IB/etc.), will not be counted toward your unit ceiling.”

My DD completed her AA prior to graduating HS (say, 50 units UC transferable) - does this mean she can request an extension of their EGT (at UCB L&S, for example) until she has 130 units, post HS?



It sure sounds like she qualifies, but why take a chance on an answer from a stranger on the internet? Contact UCB admissions and get an official answer.


My hope was that a forum expert, like Gumbymom, would know the answer and be able to share on this forum.

If my DD is accepted she will confirm with admissions.

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Will she enter as a transfer student, or a frosh student with substantial college credit earned while in high school? How many semesters at UCB does she plan to take before graduating?

@ucsb82: My answer would be the same as @mikemac. Although I contribute to the UC Transfer discussions, I am a Forum Champion geared more towards Freshman UC admits. There is no longer a UC Transfer Forum Champion but mikemac has been consistently giving some great advice on these discussions.

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Her plan is for four semesters, but if she elects to pursue a second BA/BS not having the 50+ credits that she completed in HS count towards her unit ceiling might help.

I’ll ask a L&S advisor. Thanks