semester off?

<p>I am currently trying to transfer out of community college. I have my GE certification but I only have a 2.8 (only, I was under the impression anything not below a 2.5 was decent but I guess I was wrong. ) I have so many units its going to be a nightmare to try to raise it up to a 3.0. Right now im really frustrated with school. I didnt get into the school i applied at for fall even though a few years ago I could have easily gotten in (thanks California state budget crisis ) Part of me really doesnt want to go back to school in September. I really want a break. This past semester was really horrible. Bad teachers, difficult classes and not getting accepted for fall.
What do you guys think? What would you do?</p>

<p>If you have or can find a decent job that might be an okay idea. Just make sure you're not going to mess up any financial aid or miss classes that are only offered a certain semester. Could you maybe just go part-time? Or maybe online?</p>