Semester Schools (The Mountain School)

Hello all,
Not sure if this is the right forum for this type of discussion, but I’d like to ask about the mountain school program, if anyone has knowledge of it. Specifically, how is the transition back to your home school after the semester? Academically, socially, etc… I just received admission for the spring of next year and this question has been on my mind recently. I’d love to hear an alum’s take (or maybe a parent’s). Thanks so much!

A friend’s DS did this about 3 years ago. I wish I had more details for you, but for him, it was really positive. His "regular " school was a private day school.

thank you!

My daughter attended a semester school (not Mountain School, but another in the same class) this spring. Be aware that if you get there and end up getting sent home during the semester (everyone in my daughter’s school was sent home due to COVID), there is no refund. The kids continued with the program virtually, but of course that is a very poor replacement considering the thousands of dollars charged by these schools.

We know several students who have done it. For all but one it was an amazing, transformative, unqualified success- they went, had a great time, came back and settled in well.

The last one loved every minute of it, but she had a lot of trouble returning to ‘real’ life: she felt that she had found the place she belonged, and the preppy New England day school she attended did not. She never really settled back in to her old school, which made the last year less than happy. But: it informed her choice of major and (after a couple of wobbles where she tried to do the kinds of jobs she felt she was supposed to), she now has a dream job for her- developing and leading natural environment experiences for K-12 students at a nature reserve- and is sublimely happy.

thank you both! i’m excited to be there this spring.