Semesters abroad?

<p>Does anyone know what the difference is between applying to NYUAD and spending a semester in, say, Shanghai and vice versa (applying to Shanghai and spending a semester in NYUAD)? I do realise one key difference is that you spend different proportions of your college life in each city, but is there a difference in terms of a) cost [so do other campuses offer fin. aid or scholarships?] b) degree granted [it is my understanding that NYUAD grants the same degree as NYU-NY and something like NYU-Shanghai would grant a slightly-different one].</p>

<p>Based on a recent interview this week by John Sexton, he seemed to imply that students at NYU-NY could spend a semester in NYU-AD.</p>

<p>Hopefully someone knows a bit about studying abroad for a few semesters...</p>