<p>I signed up for a few seminars, bio econ and philosophy, and currently being waitlisted. Are any of these seminars too hard? Is there any suggestions for what easy seminars I can take? Thanks</p>

<p>seminars aren't meant to be hard. i mean, they're 1unit and p/np for crying out most, they'll ask you to show up and maybe write a couple short papers. there aren't tests or finals either..</p>

<p>you should be taking them because you're interested in them, not merely because they're "easy" classes. you may not believe it now, but there is NO point in taking classes that bore you out of your mind, especially if attendance is concerned (and in seminars, it is).</p>

<p>well... I kinda want to get more units just so i can sign up for classes early in the future. Im picking seminars that interest me but I dont want to have hard ones on top of my 4 classes. That might not sound hard to some ppl but I dont want to risk anything =)</p>

<p>So you're taking up room in a class just so you can get a few units ahead for registration slots, potentially preventing others (who might be truly interested in the subject) from enrolling? That was NOT the intent of freshman seminars.</p>

<p>Take a music class if you just want extra units</p>