Senate Page Program 2020

I applied to the Senate Page Program through Tester (MT) for the spring session. I was chosen but they were not awarded a page for that session. I reapplied for the summer sessions and I am now waiting to hear back from the office. Last time the deadline was September 1st and the letter was written on the 26th of September… So now I just waiting in terrible anticipation to see if I got in or not… I just looking for other people in the same position to comfort myself… so if anyone wants to discuses their application experience or waiting period I would love that.

Hi, I applied through OMA (NY) for the summer session. My state senators weren’t sponsoring, so we will see, because I’v heard there’s prafernace for kids from home state. I haven’t heard anything yet, how about you?

i havent heard anything either, anyone know when they typically come out?

I also applied through NY and haven’t heard back – nothing for you yet?

hey! i also applied through NY have you guys gotten your responses yet?

I haven’t heard anything yet, I’m assuming because of COVID-19 it probably will be later this year.

I’ve applied for the 2020 Fall session. I had an interview earlier this month and the man I had been in contact with told me they’d get back to me by the end of the month. However, I’m assuming it may end up being longer because of COVID-19. Good luck to everyone and I hope y’all are keeping safe!!

You had an interview?

Has anyone applied with Senator Enzi out in Wyoming? If so, have you heard any word back?

Anyone else apply to Sen. Brown from Ohio’s office? I’ve called but haven’t received word.


hey guys! past Senate Page here. if you have any questions about the program don’t hesitate to reach out. the timeline for the application process is insane and different for every Senator’s office. I was a page in the fall of 2017. I applied for the position in January and didn’t hear back until August – three weeks before the program started!! hang in there and try to be patient! hoping for the best for all of you!

Thank you that makes me feel a lot better, it’s been almost 2 months since I sent in my application I was starting to get worried.

Do you have to have connections to really get a spot?

How was the school? Did you still take AP classes? What did you do for the PSAT/when did you take it?
Also, do you know how many kids actually apply? I know only 30 get in each term, but would you say 100 apply? 500? 1,000?

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Does anyone know what’s happening for the summer (I or II) sessions? Maybe even fall if this goes for that long

My guess is that the summer ones are canceled, but I haven’t heard anything.

@BL3001 what was the process like after you got chosen? It sounds like a really cool program!

@colorado89039 it was amazing!! I could talk about it forever but if you have any specific questions I’d be happy to answer them. it’s one of the most challenging/grueling things I’ve ever done (waking up at 5am, no phone for five months, working sometimes 40 hours a week) but also by far the coolest. I got to interact with Senators daily and observe some of the most interesting/exciting political debates and passages of legislation of the decade. plus the friends that I made are some of the absolute best people I know. I definitely recommend applying if you’re interested!