Senate Page Program 2021

Hi everyone!
I’m applying for the Senate page program for the fall of 2021. Can anyone tell me about the daily schedule of pages? Additionally, does anyone know what your chances are if you apply for an out of state Senator? Also is anyone else applying?

Hey! Former Page here, I worked in the Spring 2020 semester for the impeachment trial just before the pandemic hit. I’m not exactly sure how much I’m allowed to say because of security restrictions, but let’s just say your schedule is really what you make of it. Our day began very early, we would eat breakfast and then go to school. You have time while at work to catch up on homework/study/etc and then you have some “free” time in the evenings where you can finish up on homework, go see the city, or just relax. The schedule is usually very rigid and you must adhere to set times and deadlines, but once you get into the swing of it you just kind of become used to it.

As per your chances from an out of state senator, only three members of my page class got their appointments from out of state and all three of them in some way had a connection to the office. If you have any more questions don’t hesitate to reach out!

Thank you so much for the info, that was super helpful! :slight_smile:

Hey! I applied for the fall session through my state senator (Schumer). I got selected for an interview, I was wondering if you knew what the questions would most likely be on so I can be prepared? Thank you.

How many weeks in advance did you get the notification that you got in? What it not very long? Thank you <3

My son applied for the Summer 2021 session which ended up being cancelled due to Covid/quarantine. He received an email today from our Senator’s office saying they would like to interview him for the Fall 2021 session. I’m really conflicted. We weren’t mentally prepared to send him off for a whole semester. He’s on the leadership team for Marching Band, has already scheduled Fall ACT’s and has been selected for the Youth Action Council for our City.

How does the schooling portion work? Do pages take the same classes they would have taken at their home school (AP/Honors etc). We live in Texas where class rank is VERY important for auto acceptance to UT & Texas A&M, I don’t think we could risk his class rank taking a hit and knocking him out of the auto acceptance ranges for those two :pensive:

I’ m also an applicant for the Fall 2021 page session! From what I have heard from previous pages that I talked to, the Page School is quite rigorous. In addition to having an accelerated curriculum similar to that of IB/AP classes at a student’s home school, Pages also work up to 60 hours a week with set bedtimes at night, which makes getting straight A’s at the program difficult. However, everyone has said that the experience was worth it and they learned a lot. I hope this helped!

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hi! i got in for this fall :slight_smile: and i was wondering if i should do it. is the senate page program actually a fun experience? did u enjoy your time there? tysm <3

My son’s interview was last week and he found out last night he didn’t get selected. It’s okay, it was so sudden anyway lol, he never even applied for the Fall session so that fact that they even wanted to interview him was huge! They did encourage him to apply for Summer 2022 so we’ll see!

congrats! What state did you get in from? I’m still waiting for my decision lol and it’s so hard waiting

hi! im from new hampshire! good luck!!! i hope to see u there :))

Thank you sm! I’m from Michigan but I’m waiting on NC and SD, so my hopes aren’t too high loll, but I hope to see you there as well!

if u dont mind me asking, is there a reason why u applied through different states? i didnt even know u could do that omg

I applied through different states to increase my odds of getting picked lol

ohhh i see. do yk if there are any dances or stuff like that at the senate page program?

unfortunately I have no idea - you would probably have to ask the Page Coordinator through the Senator that sponsored you. On another note, would you be willing to look over my cover letter for the page program and give your advice on it using the writing you used on your own cover letter?

sure! have u already submitted yours? tbh mine was kinda trash but i’d be happy to!!

thank you so much! I’ll send you a dm. I’m reapplying for the Spring, and the due dates for my senators are in late September/early October, so I have time lol.

I just got an interview request for the Page Program! Do y’all have any interview tips?