Senator Nom, what's next?

Hey everyone,

I am a USNA candidate for Class of 2023 and just recently received my nomination from one of my senators.

I was wondering if anyone knew what’s next? Will my application be compared to the nine other applications of my senator’s other nominees? Will all ten of us nominees be compared to the other candidates from the state? Is my senator guaranteed one appointment every year?

All of these questions are just a curiosity of mine–things to keep my mind busy while I anxiously wait to hear back from the Academy. If anyone can answer any of them I’ll greatly appreciate it.

Thanks & Beat Army

What’s next is you work on completing any remaining parts of your application that are incomplete (CFA, DoDMERB, essays, etc.). You have crossed off the big box of getting a nomination. When your application is complete, it can go to the admissions table for consideration for an appointment. What goes on behind the admissions curtain, you’ll never know. If you want to spend time understanding the nomination process, you can spend a few hours reading here:

Good luck to you. Beat Navy! :wink: