Send ACT Score and SAT 1 Score?


<p>So, I've taken both the ACT (Composite: 35, Science: 35, Math:36, English:35, essay - 10, Reading:33) and SAT (Total: 2250, W: 770 - essay 10, CR: 750, M: 730). I also have 4 SAT subject tests all 780+ which I know that I will definitely report. </p>

<p>After looking at some of the score conversion charts, it appears that a composite 35 on the ACT is approximately a 2340 SAT </p>

<p>So, my question is should I report ONLY my ACT score or should I report both my ACT and SAT score? </p>

<p>PS. Personally, I'm leaning toward reporting only my ACT score because it does appear to convert to be higher than my SAT score. Also, I don't think agree with the concept some people have been espousing to me about colleges preferring the SAT over the ACT.</p>