Send SAT or ACT scores?

<p>I have a couple of colleges i need to send scores to. </p>

<p>my SAT 1970
math- 720
cr 660
writing 590</p>

<p>Act 30 or 31 cant remember
math 32
eng 28
sci 29
reading 34
writing- idk but it was awful even though i was confident it was solid</p>

<p>I only want to pay for one, and these schools arent among my top choices, so which set is stronger. and yes I know I doitched the writing for both</p>

<p>Your ACT is slightly higher and the 34 in reading will be particularly impressive. I would send that. A 30 corresponds roughly to a 2000-2100s score</p>

<p>I agree with Lagging. I would suggest sending your ACT score. That's a pretty great score :)</p>