Sending a Pic in App

<p>I did meet somebody at Columbia so I'm thinking of including a picture. Why do you think they ask for a picture? Is it so they can evaluate your hotness? lol. Who all is including a picture in their application online?</p>

<p>A picture says a thousand words...............I don't know why LOL. I don't think I am going to send my picture.</p>

<p>I am...</p>

<p>apparently if you're good looking, you have a greater chance of being admitted. that's really interesting. but probably also to see if they can recognize you from all the students they've met? I'm not sure. But admissions ALWAYS asks for pictures from programs and such - they just like putting a name to a face.</p>

<p>yea i'm sending one---
the good looking thing is pretty funny. i mean i guess in some odd way they want to have an impressive student body. ofcourse thats not moral or anything even close to correct...
they want to match your application to someone they might have met before. also i've heard it's to verify race, but idk about that.</p>