Sending ACT/SAT subject scores

<p>I am interested in applying early action to caltech. What will Caltech do if the ACT and/or subject test scores are received a few days after the deadline (November 1st)?
I understand it says it receives scores electronically. How long will it take them to receive it then?
Do you know if Caltech will accept rush reporting/priority reports?</p>

<p>[Admissions</a> Deadlines - Caltech Caltech Undergraduate Admissions](<a href=“]Admissions”></p>

<p>It should be alright even if Caltech receives the scores a few days after the deadline. I suggest you should call the admission office a.s.ap and notify them about this issue.</p>

<p>I suppose it takes around 3 weeks for a normal report to reach Caltech. If you rush it, perhaps it’ll take a week or so? If you send the scores now even w/o rushing them, you should be fine.</p>