Sending ACT Score Report

Has anyone experienced issues sending their ACT scores? I am able to add colleges to the “Send Reports” section, but I am unable to add the reports to my cart, pay, and send.

We had to send each report to each school. In our case, to send 3 ACT scores to one school, we had to put one score in the cart for the specific school, checkout and pay and send. Then we did that with the 2 other scores we had to send. We are superscoring 3 ACT’s to get one superscore.

There have been reports of problems this week…have you tried again? Make sure your cart is empty when you start.

Also, double check all of the schools on your list to make sure they require official scores from ACT…many college allow self-reporting of test scores which allows you to save money!

Thank you! I think there was a glitch with the ACT site. It’s working now-thank you for your feedback.