sending ACT scores!!!!!!

<p>I took the ACT with writing and got a 28 and a 10 on writing. I took the ACt again without writing and got a 31. Can I submit both of these scores to Yale, princeton, Harvard, rice, and johns hopkins and they will look at my 31 and my 10 on writing? Some people said they won't look at my 31 since I didn't take writing. That is not fair and I'm not taking the ACT again. I just took the sept 8 one yesterday and sent the scores to Yale. Help me I'm gonna cry if I can't even use my 31 or the score I'm gonna get on the one I just took. I will never get in with my 28 otherwise...</p>

<p>Did you take the ACT in Sept with writing? If not, I'm really sorry but Yale won't consider the score without (as you saw in the other post) :(. I'm trying to find the answers to these too but it is very inconsistent on this website. I sent emails asking about this to all the schools I'm applying to and I suggest you do the same. I'm really sorry, I'm in the same position as you :(((</p>

<p>Dude.. i wouldn't even submit my freaking 33 to Yale. Lol.</p>

<p>31 to Harvard? No offense but a lot of Harvard peeps are 35-36</p>

<p>Yeah, I doubt sending a 31 to harvard would lead to anything except a rejection letter. Sorry to be blunt. Try to get atleast 33, and you'd have a chance if you have a great GPA and phenomenal EC's.</p>

<p>I have a 4.0 gpa UW and I took the Act again. But I emailed Yale and they said they would look at y composite scores even if I didn't take the writing. I just have to send my writing score and Act and submit all of My other composites on the application</p>

<p>Most accept both as long as there is at least one writing score.</p>