Sending ACT scores

<p>I realize that when sending SAT scores that colleges get a report that includes all scores (unless held by Score Choice) What is the deal for ACT? Can you request scores from just one date be sent? At the time of registration no colleges were selected. Scores from that test were decent. But would like to see the next scores from Dec before sending any of them. May choose to send just the best score if there is a considerable improvement. Can this be done? Will scores from the Dec test date be at colleges in time for regular decision deadline of Jan 1? Even if requested AFTER the scores are received?</p>

<p>Thanks for following this message sent late at night!</p>

<p>I don't know if it will get there in time, but yes, you can pick and send only the best ACT score to colleges.</p>

<p>You should check with colleges to which you are intending to apply as to last test date they accept. However, for regular decision, vast majority accept December scores and if you have a January 1 app deadline date that is most likely true. One exception I am aware of is UIUC which this year shortened its app deadline date to December 15 (from mid-January last year) and that is the date by which all required materials must be in their hands (not just sent) including test scores. With the ACT, you can send only the score you want to send. In fact, to send two scores, you actually have to make two different orders and pay the fee for each. Note, sending only your highest score does not mean the college will be unaware of your other scores. Most high schools put all your scores on the official high school transcript that is sent.</p>