Sending all SAT sitting scores

I’m legit so confused by all the weird things my classmates are doing. When you send a score report to UC, do you need to send all sittings or just one sitting? I’m well-aware that it says, “All SAT Scores Required for Review” but some people that I know are just sending one sitting (which was better than all of their other test dates), so now I’m quite confused. I don’t think you need to self-report all of your SAT score dates for the UC, so I’m confused. Will they think I’m just lying if I self-reported my best score and then send all of my scores in my score report? Do I just send one test date (which was my best)?

You self-report one score and send all sittings through the college board.

You self report your highest scores from a single sitting and then send all scores (all sittings) to the UC’s as posted above ^^^. Check the UC website and it states “all scores”.

Thanks guys; you guys rock :slight_smile: I was worried because some students self-reported all of their scores.