Sending AP scores

<p>if i applied ED, was i supposed to send in my AP scores officially? i know we put them on the application, but was i supposed to get collegeboard to send them or is that only for accepted applicants to send later on? thanks :)</p>

<p>You should have sent an official collegeboard school report. Though AP scores, in the long run, are probably more important for placement, they can still boost your academic record if they're good...</p>

<p>i don't know if you have time to send them in anymore...</p>

<p>yeah but do AP scores show up on the SAT scores sheet? i don't think so, right?</p>

<p>see i got a 5 on US Hist...but i had a slight problem on Studio Art: my paintings, which were framed, shattered on the way there and as a result of broken glass, couldn't be examined and were given (gulp) ZEROS. and they gave me a 2! A TWO! because of stupid broken glass! I was fuming. they even attached a note saying that was the reason for the grade. and because of that idiocy i can't disclose my 5 on AP History...which i studied TWO YEARS FOR lol</p>

<p>meh.. my condolences.
studio art AP seems like a fun exam to take.
no written part?</p>

<p>i want to send in my ceramics stuff.</p>

<p>uhhh shoot.. i talked to someone earlier - @ penn i think- and they told me i didnt need to send them in. maybe ill get my GC to fax it my student grade report to them tomorow, bc thats the best i can do now since even if i rush them they prolly wont get there til sat or mon :(</p>